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GMR - Gesellschaft für Metallrecycling mbH

The company has its own fully equipped modern chemical / analytical laboratory for qualitative and quantitative analysis of elements in solutions and solids. Two experienced degreed chemists and one assistant are responsible for reviewing the entire production process as well as the analytical assessment of both unprocessed and product materials.

In detail, this means:

  • extensive control at the point of entry of all waste materials,
  • analysis of remaining mercury contents in de-mercurisated products before delivery to companies to utilization / disposal,
  • analysis of precious metal concentrates from the de-mercurisation of dental amalgam and button cells containing
        precious metal, respectively,
  • delivery of certified analyses for the produced pure and purest mercury.

  • Besides this, it is the responsibility of the laboratory team to record the company's environmentally relevant data and keep them well with established limitsn.
    Our special process:
    The vacuumthermal processing used in demercurisation requires a sealed enclosure in charging operation...
    We are certified:
    Based on our years of experience the GMR Gesellschaft für Metallrecycling mbH is a sought-out partner ...