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GMR - Gesellschaft für Metallrecycling mbH
Services (mercury) UND ADDITIONA SERVICE

  • Collection, transport and storage of waste products containing mercury due to positive list (Positivliste)
  • Environmentally friendly vacuum-thermal recycling of used mercury and various waste products containing mercury
  • Vacuo-thermal treatment and immobilization of naturally radioactive slurries and residues containing mercury
  • Production of precious metal concentrates out of selected waste products and residues containing precious metals
  • Production of pure and purest mercury with oxygen-refining and high vacuum distillation
  • Delivery of high and highest grade mercury

  • Additional service
  • Consultations on the management of waste products
  • Preparation and realisation of notifications
  • Supply of approved transport and storage containers
  • On-site collection service using company owned vehicles
  • Assistance in the event of damage or accident involving mercury

  • Utilization / disposal of waste products containing mercury, for example:
  • Combination metal / mercury
       Steel rectifiers, ring balances (scales), water gauges, steam volume
       gauges, ignitrons, remote thermometers, button cells, batteries, scrap metal containing mercury
  • Combination glass / mercury
        Thermometers, barometers, electrical relays, switches, pressure gauges, blood pressure gauges, transmitter valves,
        diffusion pumps, glass rectifiers, high-pressure lamps, fluorescent tubes, pumping stems from lamp production, broken glass
  • Combination plastic / paper / mercury
        Absorption materials, filter papers, protective clothing, equipment
  • Residues and rejects from production processes
        Surplus amalgam, amalgam slurries via precipitation, powdered alloys and residues containing amalgam from
        battery production processes, catalysts
  • Ground excavation, soils, slurries and dusts
        (with and without natural radioactivity), sediments, filter residues, building rubble
  • Used mercury
        (polluted, oil contaminated)

  • acceptance as waste product for utilization / disposal due to positive list (request for additional information).
    Our special process:
    The vacuumthermal processing used in demercurisation requires a sealed enclosure in charging operation...
    We are certified:
    Based on our years of experience the GMR Gesellschaft für Metallrecycling mbH is a sought-out partner ...